Mewelde Moore   RB   Tulane



Mewelde has excellent speed for his position. He has very good hands out of the backfield and is able to reach his top speed very quickly. He has very good athletic talent. Mewelde has some talents that could be used for special teams.


Needs to Improve

I’m not going to pull your chain, this kid has not developed the skills needed to be an every down back in the NFL. He shows no change of speeds. He doesn’t set up his blocks, but he loves screen plays and catching the ball out of the backfield.


Bottom Line

Mewelde says that he is now ready to play football. Well, now that he is ready, he might as well change positions and become a #3 receiver.  He really likes to catch the ball, he doesn’t have the running back skills and there is no sense in him learning them now. He does not block very well, his balance in traffic is not good, he does not break tackles and he doesn’t change speeds.  He shows very little ability to burst…should I stop? You get my point. Mewelde could be a good slot receiver and help on kickoff and punt returns. His natural athletic talents fit the slot receiver position very well. That is the direction I would point him in if I were his agent and or coach. In my opinion, he is a situation player that has the potential to impact maybe at the RB position, but certainly at the slot receiver position.


Drew Boylhart