Michael Boulware†† LB†† Florida St

Michael has big time speed for his position. He is smart and is very good in the passing game. Michael has enormous amounts of overall talent for his position.

Need to Improve
Michael does not like the physical part of football. He does not like to hit or be hit.

Bottom Line
Michael makes a lot of tackles in the passing game, but not much in the running game. He plays light. One minute he flashes and the next minute, you can't find him anywhere. He has the talent. Whatever the problem is, itís in his head. If you want a LB to defend in the passing game, Michael is your man. Don't expect him to challenge anyone for a starting position because it's not going to happen. This kid has first round talent and the
ability to impact in the NFL and I think he will drop to the 2nd day. You figure it out because I can't. I mean, why play football if you don't want to hit or be hit? Go play some other sport like chess or checkers or soccer where you can tip toe around little guys in little shorts. Not that I have anything against little guys in little shorts. I do have a problem
with players that are talented and don't bother to use it.

Drew Boylhart