Michael Clayton   WR   LSU

Mike is tall (6'4" 200lbs) and strong. He has very good hands and runs smart routes. When the play breaks down, Mike understands what the QB’s needs are and is very good at making himself an easy target. He has leadership qualities; in fact he likes the leadership role but understands the need of a team to have more then one leader. I have not interviewed Mike myself, but I am told that one of his strengths is his character. Mike has improved every year as a wide receiver. This is important for a player who has played multiple positions until his junior year of college. I know this sounds strange, but one of Mike’s biggest strength is the fact that he has not come close to reaching his potential. Mike has good, sure hands and receives the ball from a QB that has a pro arm. The upside with Mike is enormous.

Needs to Improve
Mike is just beginning to learn the role of a number one wide receiver. He is just beginning to learn about routes and how to run them. He must learn to change speeds. He must learn to use his body to shield off defenders better and be more physical in general. He will need to improve the strength of his hands. He just needs to improve in every facet of his game. I know Mike will and when he does, watch out.

Bottom Line
This kid is going to be something special. If you can't see that you need a lobotomy. If you can't see the talent potential of this kid as a scout, go find a real job. If Mike had been playing wide receiver instead of every other friggin position on the field, he would be a polished receiver and everybody would be suggesting that Fitzgerald and Mike Clayton are 1 and 1A, in this draft. Mike will continue to get better in every facet of his game. There is no doubt in my mind about that. He has the ability to take a game over. Teams right now are game planning for him. I do believe that he will get stronger and as soon as he is introduced to a speed coach, he will be faster. If he is running forties in the 4.50 range now, I guarantee he will run 4.40 and be quicker by his second year in the pros with the correct training from a speed coach. Let’s see…a 6'4" 200lbs WR that runs a 4.40 in the forty, is a leader on his team, has great hands, great character and understands the need for team play. Now where would you rate a guy like this? Don't bother me with Roy Williams when you have a kid like this to pick instead. In my opinion, Mike should be a top-10 pick in this draft now. By the time the bowl games end and the combines are held, he just might move up into the top 10 and push one of the other receivers down. On my board right now as a Fantasy GM for my favorite team, I would rate the WR’s this way:  Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Clayton, Roy Williams, Reggie Williams. Roy Williams’ name would be in yellow for caution. Guaran(Tee) Clayton…I like it.

Drew Boylhart