Michael Jenkins   WR   Ohio St

Michael is a tall player with good speed. He has good hands and runs good routes. Mike has the athletic talent to be an impact player.

Needs to improve
Michael needs to…now, let me think…SHOW UP FOR EVERY GAME.

Bottom Line
I just watched the bowl game that Ohio St played. Then I went back to some other tapes of Michael. Would someone please tell me where this kid has been? I know someone is going to show me his stats. I know they are very impressive. Let me tell you. The concerns I have had for two years on this kid I have just thrown out the window -- or have I? Questionable hands, out the window. Route running, out the window. Run after the catch, out the window. Questionable leadership qualities and character…ah, ah, ah, not so fast. Could this be his glaring fault? You can show me a highlight film of this kid that will make you think he is as good as Roy Williams WR from Texas (see profile) and maybe he is – without the speed. This kid is exactly why you CANNOT base a profile on just one game and the combines.  Will he be a success? Only Karnack the Magnificent and Michael knows for sure. Is he a 1st rounder? You bet your girlfriend’s big butt he is. Is he a ‘boom or bust’ player? You can bet your other girlfriend’s big butt he is. Mike, I'll see you after you have signed a big contract for four years. You and your twin brother David Boston can spend all your money and get nothing in return.

Drew Boylhart