Michael Turner   RB   Northern Illinois


Michael has good size and speed for his position. He has very good lower body strength. He has good lean and balance when he runs and is hard to knock off his feet. Michael is the type of back that can give you 25 to 30 carries a game. He has good stamina and mental toughness

Michael is a little slow to the hole and is not quick. He seems to be too deliberate in his cuts and needs to improve his hands and blocking skills to stay on the field longer.

Mike reminds me a little of Anthony Thomas when he came out -- same style and the same negatives. Mike seems to be a good kid and should work hard to improve. I feel he is a developmental back that would be worth a flyer in maybe the fourth round. I also think that he will be a better back on turf than on natural grass. He will cut a little quicker and because of his strength, can break a few more tackles. If he gets better in picking up the blitz and catching the ball, he should become an asset to the team that picks him.

Drew Boylhart