Michael WaddellCB ††North Carolina



Michael has good size and speed for his position. He has very good one-on-one cover skills. He is able to mirror his man in coverage and uses his hands well. He has very nice recovery speed and burst to the ball. Mike does well in zone coverage. He shows good mental toughness on special teams and at the point of attack on sweeps to his side.


Need to Improve

Michael needs to improve a few things and with time, should become a very good #2 corner in the NFL. First, he has to accept when he makes a mistake and shake it off. He must get bigger and stronger and become a better tackler. He must be more consistent with his techniques in coverage.


Bottom Line

Michael is another talented player that has played for a program that is struggling right now. When this happens, the talented player has a habit of trying to do too much because of his desire to win. This leads to bad habits and that, along with a losing season, can affect their draft status. When you find a player in a program like this who has the athletic skills, talent, character and work ethic, you must draft him and be willing to be patient for him to develop. Donít worry about losing them in free agency because this type of player has the character and loyalty (in most cases) to re-sign with the team that originally drafted them. The teams that pass on this kid in the second day are foolish because in the second day of a draft, you donít find many one-on-one cover corners, but you do find a lot of zone cover corners. Michael is a sleeper pick in this draft because of the lack of weight, strength, and the fact that he played for a struggling program; however, many 1st day CBís in this draft have the same negatives and for some reason, these negatives have not affected their status.


Drew Boylhart