Mike Karney†† FB†† Arizona St



Mike has good size and strength for his position. He is a leader and has the respect of his teammates. He has great run blocking skills between the tackles and does a good job of catching the ball out of the backfield. He seems to be the type of player that will succeed because of a great love to play the game and because of the effort he gives on every play. Mike will be a core player for the team that drafts him. I am not convinced (as other player evaluators are) that Mike is the best or most well rounded FB. I am convinced that out of all the PURE FBís in this draft, he is the one I want the most on my team.


Needs to Improve

Mike has to improve his foot speed for the next level. He is another player that should do the drill of going down the steps as fast as he can. This will increase his brain-feet coordination.


Bottom Line

Mike is the kind of kid that you just shred, burn or throw away the profile on him. If you need a pure FB, then just draft him. You will never be sorry. Mike is an effort type of player with some athleticism, but if you are evaluating players on just talent, you are going to miss one hell of a football player in this kid. He will be a 2nd day pick for some team that is looking for that Sam Gash type of FB.That team will use him as soon as he hits the field for them. Mike is the type of kid that will not be intimidated by the players in the NFL, but he will respect them as he knocks them into a world of rainbows and pretty lights. In the red zone, Mike is another FB that will give you a lot of options. He can run the ball in for a TD. He can catch the ball for a TD. He will always be a good lead blocker and in a short area, he will pick up the blitzing LB and make him think about not blitzing on the next play. Right now, out in the middle of the field where there is room to roam, Mike will have more problems impacting because of his lack of foot speed. So, what do you do if you pick him? Donít use him till you get into the red zone or use him just on certain plays in the middle of the field. Itís called coaching and not expecting your player to do and be everything in every situation. Mike (The Shredder) Karney- he is the type of player that makes you shred his profile because his profile just doesnít do him justice.


Drew Boylhart