Mondre Dickerson   DT   Tennessee



Mondre has very good size, strength, speed and lateral movement for his position. He has the ability to be a 1gap/2gap D- lineman. When he uses good leverage, he can be a load to handle. Mondre has good pass rushing techniques and has good enough foot speed to be used in a stunting type of defense.


Needs to Improve

Although Mondre has good pass rushing techniques, he is not that quick off the line of scrimmage. Mondre also needs to grow up because he is about to play with the big boys and they will flatten him right on his ass when he takes downs off.


Bottom Line

The amount of talent and athleticism is not the question with Mondre. He has the lateral agility to string plays out and the hand control to shed blocks.  He has good pass rushing moves, so why is he not a 1st day pick? You guessed it! L-A-Z-Y! This is a shame because he might be one of the more athletic DT’s in this draft and believe me, that’s saying a lot. When he plays, he is close to being one of the more complete players at his position. If someone can push the right button and make this kid grow up, they will have a hell of a player. Mondre (Wake–up) Dickerson…do you think this profile will do it? Sometimes seeing things in print will shake the lard out of people. One can only hope.


Drew Boylhart