Nat Dorsey   OT   Georgia Tech

Nat is a big strong powerful kid with long arms and long legs. He does a good job of protecting the QB and likes to block in the running game. He is young and improving. Nat has played LT and RT in college.

Needs to Improve
Right now, Nat does not have the lateral movement for the LT position in the NFL. His long arms have covered up this deficiency in college, but he will have to have more then long arms in the NFL. Nat needs to take his responsibilities seriously. Currently, he is better simply because he is bigger than everybody else.

Bottom Line
Nat will need to learn what I call the head-butt technique for pass blocking and be moved to the right side. That technique is usually used by the RT, because the RT is going against a strong pass rusher rather then a speed rusher. This is why you see DEs switch sides on a third and long sometimes. The DE explodes off the line and takes an outside move up the field. The RT engages the rusher. Then the RT takes his helmet and smacks it into the helmet of the ongoing rusher. This slows the DE down without the RT extending his arms and lunging and becoming off balanced. Now the RT is in a better position to defend against the DEs 2nd move because his arms are not over-extended and he still has his balance. When the DE continues to go up the field and uses a duck-under move, the RT can push him to the ground or up the field. If the DE uses a spin move to the inside the RT has balance and arm strength to push him into somebody else. This technique is taught to OTs that do not have very good lateral movement. It does not work well against speed rushers because they do not engage at the line. Nat has to become serious to become a good RT in the NFL. If he does, he will.

Drew Boylhart