Nathan Vasher CB Texas

Nathan has good size and very good speed. He is an excellent tackler. He has the ability to change direction and stay with the small, quick receivers and the strength to battle the bigger receivers. He has shutdown corner potential for the NFL. He is very solid in his techniques. The only time I have seen him beat is when there is a mix up in zone coverage. Nathan has good hands and shows it with a total of 17 interceptions in his college career.

Needs to Improve;
Nathan will still need to get stronger, but the real concern for me is his assignment responsibilities in zone coverage. Are the breakdowns because he doesn't know his assignment or because his teammates don't know their assignments? I'm thinking the latter, but that has to be looked into.


Bottom Line;
In my opinion, this program is in big trouble. This program has one of the most talented underachieving groups of kids I have ever seen. IMO they are a bunch of pampered wussies, but Nathan is not one of them. In spite of this he shines and is one of the best corners in the country. He seems to be more mature than his teammates another one of his many strong points. I know the other DBs are young, so Im pretty sure that most of the time the mistakes in zone coverage are not his mistakes. Nathan strikes me as stand-up kid that understands and accepts that not everyone is perfect. Nathan is sure of his abilities but not too cocky. I am certain that he respects the talents of his teammates but like me, is upset with how they refuse to reach their full potential. This program needs to re-evaluate the direction it is going. The talent on this team is the cream of the crop. Too bad the discipline and the teaching of basic fundamentals is not. In the middle of a program that is promoting the lack of toughness, tackling and team play, it can be difficult to find a player like Nathan. Nathan brings with him his own discipline along with a suitcase of talent. Nathan has the abilities to make your best wide receiver vanish. He is quite the magician. The team that drafts him will get an excellent cover corner.

Drew Boylhart