Nathaniel Adibi DE Virginia Tech

Nathaniel has good size for the position. He has long arms and legs. He has a good burst at the line of scrimmage. He is solid at the point of attack for college ball.

Needs to Improve
Nathaniel has not even scratched the surface of his POTENTIAL. He can do much better at the point of attack. Does not use his hands very well. Has one pass rush move and that's it. He must add about 20 to 25lbs. He is just a tadpole.

Bottom Line
Nathaniel does everything right now on athletic ability. That program has taught him nothing or he refuses to learn. Flip a coin and take your pick. How long will it take Nathaniel to become a professional defensive end in the NFL? That is the big question and that will dictate when he is taken in the draft. He has the athletic talent. At this point, I think he goes in the 2nd round because there are not that many fast, athletic DEs in this draft. You have Harris, Udeze, Smith, Odom (yellow flag) and then our tadpole, Adibi. Nathaniel has as much pure athletic talent as the others, but he is not as far along in his development.

Drew Boylhart