Nick Leckey†† C/G†† Kansas St



Nick plays with very good balance and techniques. He is smart and shows leadership qualities. Nick has good lateral movement and a quick snap and set. He does a good job of picking up stunts and uses his hands very well when pass blocking. Nick has the ability to fire out and make his block on a linebacker. He plays with good strength and has good character.


Needs to Improve

Nick needs to add about 25 lbs to his frame to help him handle the bull rush and a nose tackle in a 3 /4 defense.


Bottom Line

This is a quality kid and will be a very good center in the NFL. He will be able to handle the WCO offensive line scheme very quickly and when he gains weight, he will be able to handle any offensive line system. Of all the centers in this draft, he moves his feet the best. He can do a little pulling and trapping as long as you donít make him go half the field for his block. There are three good centers in this draft, but Nick has the best all around athleticism of the three. He can also play guard and this will benefit his draft position.


Drew Boylhart