Niko Koutouvides   LB   Purdue

Niko is very strong for his size. He is good at shedding blocks and filling the hole. He has a good burst and does well in the passing game. He has good instincts. He is an every down linebacker with solid leadership skills and strong tackling techniques.

Needs to Improve
Niko will have to get a bit stronger, bigger and quicker. I have no doubt that he will accomplish all of this in a year or two of pro ball.

Bottom Line
There is nothing stopping Niko from becoming an excellent MLB in the NFL. He is always around the ball. In my opinion, he is a pure middle linebacker, but I can see him playing the other linebacker positions. He has the athletic abilities, but his home is in the middle. If Niko times faster then he is listed now, he could be a 1st round surprise. He has that much talent. If he times as listed, he should go in the 1st day -- maybe latter part of the 2nd round. It doesn’t matter because the team that picks him will get a ‘knock you on your ass’ football player and isn’t that what a true MLB is all about? I mean really! This kid is not a system LB. He can run to the ball or take on an OL and still help to stop the run. The kid is the real deal.


The Bottom to the Bottom Line - 4/12/04

Niko has been missing in action and although he has the talent to play in the NFL he has decided that he does not have to be serous about impressing anybody in his workouts. This attitude will get him a seat on the second day bus of this draft first stop 4th round.


Drew Boylhart