PK Sam   WR   Florida St



PK has very good speed and size for his position. He catches the ball with his hands and has been receiving the ball from a QB with an NFL arm. He runs good routes at this level of play and can adjust to the ball in the air. He is very quick in and out of his breaks.


Needs to Improve

PK gets frustrated very easily. He needs to get stronger and learn to handle the bump and run that will be used against him in the NFL. PK must become more of a team player and play within the context of the game plan.


Bottom Line

In my opinion, PK is a big time sleeper. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and he has the mental toughness to be a #1 WR. Right now, PK wants to prove himself so bad that he is losing site of his goals. He gets so frustrated, which is why I feel he is coming out early. He has the talent in a normal draft to be taken on the 1st day, but because he is coming out early and is not as far along in his development as others are in this draft, he will fall to the 2nd day. With his talent, I know the team that picks him will be patient. He needs a strong position coach and a mentally strong QB that he will have some respect for or he will start to get frustrated and that will stunt the learning process for him. PK must get stronger and faster and quicker and run his routes better and more consistent. I know he will accomplish this because he is in a hurry to be a star. PK Sam.  I am, I am.


Drew Boylhart