Philip Rivers QB North Carolina St

Philip Rivers is an excellent college player. He is an excellent athlete. He has excellent size, is fluid in his movements in and out of the pocket and is as fast as the best TEs. He has excellent command of the game plan. He makes the players around him better and has good leadership skills.

Needs to Improve
I'm not going to bother with telling you he needs better mechanics because he throws side arm. I am going to tell you that know matter what Philip Rivers does that his arm will never be strong enough to be an NFL STARTING QB. There I said itgo-ahead throw things at me. I can take it.

Bottom Line
Now, stop yelling at the profile guy. I know it is not what you Philip River fans wanted to hear, but it is the truth. He can be an excellent backup QB but not a starter. Please do not fall into the trap of thinking he can play in the west coast offense. To be successful, that offense has to have the threat of a strong arm. Let's be honest, the most success that the WCO has had is with Steve Young and Brett Farve. Contrary to popular belief, Joe Montana had a damn good arm too. If the WCO QB does not have a strong arm, the CBs will sit on the short routes and in the big games, WCO teams will lose. (See Seattle vs. Green Bay playoff game Jan. 4, 2004.) The longer Philip Rivers is on the field, the more problems he will have with interceptions. Now cover your eyes if you are a fan of Philips. Here I go! I feel that Philip has the athletic talent to be an impact pass catching TE in the NFL. If he wants to be an impact player in the NFL, he will have to change positions. He should go in the third or fourth round at the earliest. Please no yelling at the profile guy.


The Bottom to the Bottom Line - 04/12/04

In looking back on this profile I do have to apologize for being so rough on Philip. That being said I have not changed my mind or my profile. In fact in my opinion Philip has the same positives and negatives to his game as Matt Mauck QB LSU. (See Profile) I think that the scouts and GMs that have promoted the possibility that Philip will be taken in the first round should be ashamed of themselves. Everytime I go back to the film and see Philip throw the ball down after down no longer then 10 to 12 yds off the line of scrimmage, I shake my head. Everytime I look at a whole game and never once see him throw a ball to the sidelines more then 15 yds off the line of scrimmage, I shake my head. Everytime I see Philip throw the ball about 30 yds off the line of scrimmage but only down the middle of the field and never deep with any velocity, I shake my head. You are being fooled because this kid is an excellent manager of a game plan, into thinking that it is possible for him to be a starting QB in the NFL. Those of you who think this I have two words for you, Danny Wuerffel.

Drew Boylhart