Quincy Wilson†† RB†† West Virginia



Quincy has very good upper and lower body strength for his position. He is a solid back and although he is small in height, his body style is solid.This would lead me to believe that injuries will not be a problem. Quincy runs with his knees high and this, along with his small stature and muscular body, makes him very hard to tackle.


Needs to Improve

Right now, Quincy has not developed the running back skills that he needs in the NFL. He lacks good lateral movement and vision in the hole and the speed to turn the corner at the next level. Quincy benefits by being more powerful than his opponents and from the lack of good tackling techniques at the college level.


Bottom Line

It is very hard to say that Quincy will have, or show, the ability to impact at the next level like he did in college. Yes, he can run over players and break tackles, but thatís not what itís all about in the NFL or every team would just put the biggest guy on the team at the RB position. He has a long way to go in learning how to set up blocks, hesitating to find a hole, cutting in the hole with quickness, the use of good vision.In addition, he needs to work on catching the ball out of the backfield, picking up blitzing LBís etc, etc. His lack of true speed makes it necessary to learn all of these skills and right now, he doesnít show that he has them. If he learns all these skills, he could be a back similar to Travis Henry- but Travis had these skills already when he came out of college.


Drew Boylhart