Ran Carthon   RB   Florida



Ran has good size, strength and speed for the position. He has good leg strength and very good vision in the hole. Ran has good lateral movement and burst when he concentrates. He has good hands in the passing game and has only played as a starter for one year. There is a lot of upside to Do-Ran-Ran.


Needs to Improve

Ran has a lack of confidence right now in his overall game. He is afraid to make mistakes and this fear makes him lose his concentration during the game and affects his aggressiveness. He has to improve in his blocking and blitz pick-up.


Bottom Line

Ran has to improve his consistency in his techniques in all facets of his game. When he runs high, he loses his ability to burst through his cuts and can be arm tackled. When he keeps his pads low, he is an excellent runner with power, strength, and good lateral movement in the hole and is solid on his feet. Ran has a lot of tools to work with, but his Achilles heel is his lack of confidence and his fear of making mistakes. This will hold him back and it will be the difference between him being a successful RB in the NFL. All the other skills can be learned, but the mental aspect of the game is up to him. He can learn to be a better blocker. He can learn to run with his pads low on every play. He can learn to run better patterns out of the backfield, but only Ran Carthon can give him the confidence to succeed. Ran has the skills and the burst and the hands as good as any RB that has played the game. He just needs to believe it. He will be a 2nd day pick that could turn into an excellent RB.


Drew Boylhart