Randy Starks†† DT†† Maryland

Randy has very good size for his position. He has good strength and uses his hands well. He is a 1gap-2gap DT. Randy plays the run well for college and has nice quickness in the passing game. He is an every down DT.

Needs to Improve
Randy will take time to develop. He needs to get bigger, stronger and quicker. He did have a groin pull injury the last few games that he played. This will need to be checked out and if it is a problem, it will drop him in the ratings. Right now Randy is not as strong as you would like him to be in the running game and not as quick as you would like him to be in the passing game. If he were, he would be a top ten pick.

Bottom Line
If Randy goes to the combine and impresses the scouts, he could move up very quickly. He has a great upside - but he needs to improve in all areas. Randy really needs to improve the use of his hands. He has good quickness off the line, but doesnít know the little tricks of the trade that will make him even quicker. He needs to learn to shed his blocks better. Right now, he just uses athleticism and strength. Randy has a lot of little things to learn and this will cloud his mind and affect his play until he learns the pro skills it takes to be successful at his position. Iím not sure if Randy will be an impact player at this point in the NFL, but he has a tremendous upside to him that is worth a first round pick. He must be healthy. If he is not healthy, it puts him further behind, present more of a risk and he might fall out of the first round.

Drew Boylhart