Rashad Washington†† FSWashington



Rashad has very good size for the safety position. He has improved every time Iíve seen him play. Rashad has very good burst when the ball is in the air and does a good job changing direction. He has some CB coverage abilities. He is tall enough and strong enough to cover TEís one on one. Rashad shows leadership abilities through his play on and off the field. He likes to play special teams and takes great pride in his play on this squad. He will be a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

Rashad is really just learning the position. He hesitates at times and his instincts for the position are not where they should be. Most scouts are not going to be impressed with Rashad, but I have seen a lot of improvement in one season.


Bottom Line

Rashad will take some time to continue his development. The good thing about this is that he should be an asset on special teams while he is learning. He has improved in every facet of his game and I like what I see in his newfound tackling abilities. Rashad was a RB and still has his RB skills. He has an excellent burst when the ball is in the air. I can tell by Rashadís quick improvement on the field that he is a hard worker in the film room. He is big and very athletic and plays much faster than he times. Rashad has long arms that will help him in coverage. He is very quick and as soon as he develops the instincts for his position, you just might see him in Hawaii.


Drew Boylhart