Rashaun Woods†† WR†† Oklahoma St

Rashaun Woods has been taught all the tools he will need to be a WR in the NFL. He has strength and good size and he runs about a 4.50 forty. Rashaun runs very smart routes and he has strong hands to catch the ball. Rashaun is football smart and a team player. He has leadership qualities.

Needs to improve
Rashaun is a little long legged. You would like to see him be a little bit quicker in and out of his routes. He needs to get stronger because his style of play requires it.

Bottom Line
Letís not screw around hereÖthis kid is slick. He is sly and knows all the tricks of the trade to get himself separation from a faster CB. Donít let the scouts tell you he is too slow or small or the quality of competition is a question. They are full of it. He uses his elbows to push off and if you think he will get called for it, well think again. He does it right at
the correct time in the play. He will be a QBís best friend on third down and eight. Make no mistake this kid has been taught NFL wide receiver skills and he is not afraid to use them. Rashaun was born to play in the West Coast offense, but believe me, thatís not the only system he can play in. In any other draft this kid is a top-10 impact WR. In this draft, he drops out of the top-15 because he is not as big and as fast as others. He is further along in his development than the other WRís and this is going to make some team very happy when they select him. Rashaun Woods makes his cut and it looks just like he Rick-a-shay`s off the CB to get separation. That's why I call him Rashaun (Rick-a-shay) Woods.

Drew Boylhart