Reggie Williams   WR   Washington

Reggie runs good routes. He has good speed. Has some quickness in and out of his breaks. He shows very good hands. He is very strong and powerful. He shows leadership qualities. Shows up for the big play and wants to be the man. This is important for an impact player. He runs very well after he catches the ball. He uses a stiff arm to break from his tackler, which not many WR's do well at the college level. Reggie has the POTENTIAL to be as good as Eric Moulds of the Buffalo Bills. The same things that were being said about Eric are being said about Reggie. Good and bad.

Needs to Improve
Reggie still needs to work on his quickness off the line. He will have trouble getting separation until he learns to change speeds in his routes. Bump and run DB's will slow him just enough to throw the timing off of his routes until he learns to fight through it. He must learn how to run routes with his smarts and not just his talent. Reggie has good hands and catches the ball from a QB with a big time arm, but he does drop the ball at times. Most of the time scouts would say this is from a lack of concentration, which is true in most cases, but in Reggie's case I feel that it is because he is too impatient. He wants the ball so bad, that he sometimes lunges at it. It throws his hand-eye coordination off and he drops the ball. Reggie could also improve the consistency of his blocking.

Bottom Line
Some scouts say that Reggie has a bad attitude, I disagree. He just wants to be the best. This is a positive, not a negative. His attitude is typical of an impact player who plays with just a little bit of fear. The fear that he won’t succeed. This is what motivates him to be as good as he is. This is what motivates him in his work ethic. No amount of money affects this fear.  Money is a secondary factor for players of this type. Reggie will succeed big time at the next level, because he is afraid of NOT succeeding at the next level. Reggie will be banging on DB's like a screen door in a hurricane for a long time. Hurricane Williams… sounds good to me!

Drew Boylhart