Ricardo Colclough CB Tusculm



Ricardo has good size for his position. He has very good speed and quickness. He has very good hip flip and is smooth in his back pedal. Ricardo adjusts well to the ball in the air and is a very good tackler. He does well in supporting the run and is a physical corner. He has some special teams abilities. Ricardo is very underrated and should have a very good career in the NFL. He is a good teammate and shows leadership qualities.


Needs to Improve

Ricardo played against lower level competition in college. To his credit, he did very well at the Senior Bowl. In fact he was one of the better players. He will still need work on his techniques yada, yada, yadayou know the drill by now.


Bottom Line

Ricardo is surprising a lot of people. He is much stronger than most scouts realized. Nobody is surprised by his speed and quickness or his quality of play. This kid just might help some team out in his first year -- big time. He is smart, has good hands and loves to play football. He likes to hit and be hit. This kid just might be one of the quick-to-play surprises of this draft. He will love learning the bump and run techniques that the NFL CBs use. He reminds me a little bit of Ty Law when he first came out. Ricardo will be good in zone coverage and one-on-one coverage. I like this kids potential a lot. His game translates to the NFL very well.


Drew Boylhart