Rich Gardner   CB   Penn St



Rich has good size and strength for his position. He has average speed, but very good quickness and agility in his change of direction skills. Very smart player that makes up for any weakness in coverage speed. Has the ability to be a playmaker and is physical in coverage. I think Rich will be a better CB in the pros than he was in college -- and in the pros, he should be a good # 2 CB.


Needs to Improve

Rich has to work more on his techniques. He is the type of CB that if he makes a mistake in technique, he will get burned. Rich also needs to come up and commit quicker on the sweep. He is a good tackler, but he hesitates on the sweep.


Bottom Line

Rich has very good upside to be a good #2 CB. He is smart and shows some leadership skills. He is a very hard worker and if he gets with a team that teaches him some better techniques, he will improve in his coverage skills. When Rich transitions out of his back pedal, he hesitates and doesn’t plant his foot right away to move forward or laterally. Rich is unsure of how to read the WR on his breaks and it causes this indecision. Sometimes he looks like a dog lifting his leg at a fire hydrant. I know this can be corrected because Rich is a hard worker and looks to me on film like he will do anything to get better. He is another player that gets better every time I see him play. He is a smart kid and will help a team right away in nickel/dime coverage as he learns to get bigger and stronger and improves his techniques.


Drew Boylhart