Richard Seigler†† LB†† Oregon St

Richard is a very good athlete. He has good size, speed and tackling techniques. He is smart and has good instincts. He has strong change of direction ability to defend in the passing game. He has leadership abilities.

Needs to Improve
Right now, Richard plays the MLB position.Iím not convinced he has the size for that position in the pros. He would have to get bigger and Iím not certain his body type can get bigger without affecting his other skills.

Bottom Line
Richard is an excellent college MLB. In the pros, I think he will be an excellent strong side linebacker because he doesnít have the frame to be a true MLB. I think it might be the perfect fit for him and he might make a pro bowl player playing the OLB position in the pros. He can be a MLB, but I think he will be only average playing at that position. He is intelligent and very quick, but when it comes to stopping the run up the middle, he is a little light and gets easily over powered. Right now he runs around the blocks to make tackles. This will work in college, but not in the pros. This sends a signal to me that Richard knows he gets overpowered; therefore, has found another way to accomplish his job. He is smart and good, but I think he will have to be moved to the outside. If moved, he can run to the ball carrier in space and use his athletic skills on passing downs to cover the tight end. Either way, he should be a hell of a player and a good teammate. Coaches are going to love him. If I am right, Richard should go in the 2nd round. He is another LB that if he times faster than he is listed right now, he could move up.


The Bottom of the Bottom Line - 04/15/04

Richard has not done very well in his workouts and has not shown the athleticism that I see on his films. I donít know why maybe he is not motivated at this time. This will drop him to second day status. I looked back on the films and I have a had time seeing were I went wrong on his profile but the reality is that no matter what is on the film his workouts have to help confirm what you see in a profile. I still think that Richard will a good player but I cannot control were a player is taken in the draft, only the player can do that.


Drew Boylhart