Robert Gallery LT Iowa

This guy is so efficient that every time I watch Iowa play my eye starts to wander to other players. He has excellent balance. His feet are always under his hips and I hardly ever see him lunging for a block. He blocks well in both phases of the game, pass blocking and run blocking. He is smart and has leadership qualities. He has good strength. He plays tall but with excellent leverage. Most scouts are going to give you that garbage about, "He needs to bend his knees. I swear they say that just because he is 6'7". Listen, this kid knows about leverage. He has good stamina and shows very little fat on his body. He is not your normal talented out-of-shape college offensive lineman. His consistency and concentration on every play might be his biggest strength. I like his mental toughness.

Needs to Improve
Robert will need to improve his upper body strength. For his size, his arms are not as long as you would like them to be for a LT. This means he may run into the same problem other LT's have had -- shoulder problems. This happens because the DE's are so much quicker than in college that players will need shoulder strength to help keep them away from the QB's. Robert must get stronger in his upper body. If he doesn't, he will have shoulder problems. That would be a shame.

Bottom Line
Robert is a top five pick that may slip because of all the juniors that will come out. This will be a big mistake for the teams that pass on him. A shut down LT is as important to the offense as a shut down CB is to the defense. Look at the history of the Super Bowl. The team with the better LT usually wins the game. Look it up -- see for yourself. Robert has another problem. He does not flash at you on the field. He is so good that you stop looking at him. Even in the running game. He does not pancake players all over the place, that's because he keeps his feet and sometimes makes up to three blocks on one play. He is like a chauffeur of a limousine, quietly going about his job and letting others take the bow and the accolades. Draft him and you will never have to worry about what direction your offense is going in. He will drive it straight to the Super Bowl


Drew Boylhart