Robert Kent   QB   Jackson St



Robert has very good size and is very athletic for his position. He has an above average arm. At the 1AA level, Robert shows good mental toughness.


Needs to Improve

Robert is as raw as sushi in every QB skill that is required to compete in the NFL.


Bottom Line

Robert is worth a 6th or 7th rd pick because he possesses remarkable athletic talent.  However, you are going to be training him for another team.  Therefore, your best bet is to teach him well and get a nice high draft choice in return for him. Robert needs to learn everything and then he needs to learn it again. He should be a 3rd QB for a while and believe me, if you had to use him in an emergency, his athletic talent is so good he would win the game and excite the fans like crazy.  But, he is a long way from starting in the NFL. If you’re an owner and need to sell some tickets, this kid will do it for you, but only for a short period of time. Robert will mature after five to six years and I bet he winds up as a hell of a QB for some team…but it will take that long.


Drew Boylhart