Rod Davis   LB   Southern Mississippi

Rod is the right size for an NFL linebacker. He has very good speed. He is an attacking linebacker, does not wait for the play to come to him. Rod has excellent instincts and great change of direction. He is effective in the passing game and equally as effective in the running game. Rod has great pass rushing abilities. Rod can play all of the linebacker positions. He has leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. He is a team player in every sense. He has very good tackling technique. Rod is an impact player.

Needs to Improve
Rod needs to improve his draft rating. He needs to get a good agent and he needs to help improve the marketing department of his school. Rod also needs to inform the NFL draft sites that he is alive and playing linebacker for a college football team.

Bottom Line
Ladies go to any film of any linebacker in college. I will give you film of any game you want of Rod Davis. I dare you to tell me after looking at the film that Rod is not the best linebacker in this draft. Forget your Miami boys; forget the boys from Auburn, this kid outplays them all. You don't believe me? You think I'm missing a screw? Well, I do not believe what potential agents tell me about a player. I do not believe the marketing people of a college about a player. I do not look at other draft sites and repeat whatever they say just to be one of the guys. I look at film. I look at a lot of film. Rod Davis will shoot up everyone’s draft boards before we hit draft day, but you heard it here first. Rod Davis is the best linebacker in this draft and there are not many impact linebackers in this draft. On my personal board, I list the 1st-round linebackers as Rod Davis, Ted Lehman and Karlos Dansby. The other linebackers that everyone else hypes (including underclassmen), I have serious concerns about and would not select them until the second round. Derrick Johnson of Texas is the fastest, but the worst tackler I have ever seen. So close your eyes, click your ruby red slippers and say three times, “I hope my team picks Rod Davis.  I hope my team picks Rod Davis.  I hope my team picks Rod Davis.”

Bottom To The Bottom Line 4/09/ 04

Rod did not do a good job at all at the Senior Bowl or the combine so I went back to the film to see what I missed. What I saw was a kid that was in a system that was made for his strengths and covered up his weakness. Rod is an excellent player in that system but when you take him out of it like he was in the Senior Bowl his lack of athleticism comes through. IMO- he will drop to the second day of the draft and his ability to be an impact LB in my mind along with a lot of others is in question. My first rating of Rod was entirely too high. I seem to get one of these every year and all I can say in my defense is, take off those ruby red slippers and save them for another time, besides you look ridiculous in them.

Drew Boylhart