Roy Williams   WR   Texas

Roy Williams is big, strong, fast and has good hands. He is a number one WR for any team. He is smart and very confident of his abilities. There is a lot to like about Roy. He has the talent and ability to succeed big time in the NFL. His talent should make him successful in any system that any team uses. He is not a one system WR. He is a phenomenal talent and has track speed to go along with his football skills.

Needs to Improve
Roy has so much talent that he gets away with a lot of little things that could catch up to him at the next level. His lack of consistency in route running will be a problem at the next level. His lack of concentration on every play could catch up to him. He is not a great blocker and the big time wide receivers have to be great blockers. Injuries have kept Roy off the field. Big time wide receivers find ways to stay on the field.  Playing hurt and having an injury are two different things. Roy has to learn to change speeds in his route running and to burst through his breaks. Roy has to challenge a tackler with his strength. Roy does not do a lot of little things consistently. That lack of consistency adds up and
causes one big question mark.

Bottom Line
In my opinion, Roy Williams is a ‘boom or bust’ type of pick. It is not his talent that makes me feel this way -- it is his attitude, inconsistency and lack of toughness. If I am an owner and I look at the film I see all of these things. I see him on an out pattern, slow up, catch the ball and then instead of turning up field and challenging the smaller DB, just float out of bounds. He picks up the first down and is content with doing that. That bothers me. I would like to see him try to turn that simple out pattern into a big play, break through a tackle and get some more yardage. The big time WR's do that. The only time they go out of bounds is in a two-minute drill. I do feel that in the Holiday Bowl, Roy will show his
talent and everyone will get very excited about him including myself. This is why the good teams have scouts. The good teams will look at all the games Roy has played, not just the ones Roy thinks they will see. There are a lot of big, strong, fast wide receivers in this draft. Roy is a step above them in talent but not in heart. Bottom line:  he is a top five
pick, but would have to drop like Randy Moss did for me to pick him. My fear is that he won't stay on the field long enough to be a difference maker. Injuries will be a constant problem.


The Bottom to the Bottom Line - 04/12/04

Roy has done a very good job in his workouts as I anticipated he would. It looks as if Roy will go in the top ten and maybe even the top five of this draft. The speed size ratio alone makes this all a possibility. I have not changed my profile on him because for me it is what I see on the film and for me personally I could not invest top ten money on such a risk. I know others will and that is what makes the draft so interesting to us all.

Drew Boylhart