Samie Parker   WR/PR   Oregon

Samie is very fast and quick. Add those two skills to good hands, toughness and vision and you have an impact player. Samie has another gear that kicks in when needed and can cut on a dime and leave change. This kid can eat up a lot of yardage after he catches the ball.


Needs to Improve
Most scouts are going to tell you he needs to get stronger to beat the bump and run, that he’s a little short for the position or that he doesn’t block very well. Fuhgeddaboutit. It does not apply.

Bottom Line
Samie is a third down slot receiver and punt returner. He will impact the same as Dante Hall of KC. He has game breaking ability and after the year Dante just had, there is no doubt in my mind that Samie will be taken some time on the 1st day. All the teams are going to be looking for one of these new vroom-vroom-vrooms. He runs very good routes to go along with his shiftiness and his ability to stop and start with the best of them. His hands are not only good, but he’s improved them from year to year. If you need him to catch the ball short or long, he can do it. Samie is not an every down WR. You lessen his impact the more he plays. You need him to be an impact on special teams. If he’s a starter, he will get tired and the injury factor will come into play. I would not be surprised if this kid goes as early as the 2nd round. If he is sitting there in the third, he’s a gift for some lucky team. Dante Hall has changed the importance of this type of player in one year. Players like this usually go on the 2nd day of the draft, but Dante has made this type of player catch fire. Samie (Pac-man) Parker…damn, I like the way that sounds.

Drew Boylhart