Sean Jones   S   Georgia

Sean is big and strong for his position. He has very good speed and has the ability to cover sideline to sideline in a one deep zone. Sean has good cover abilities and is strong enough to handle a TE one on one. He has the size to come up to the line and help in the running game.

Sean is young and still needs to work on his instincts in the passing game. He is excellent when the play is in front of him, but lacks confidence when he goes one on one in the passing game. I have no doubts that this will come in time.

Sean Jones is almost a carbon copy of Sean Taylor, except for just a few things. He lacks the quickness and instincts in the passing game. He also lacks the ‘take a chance’ killer instincts that Sean Taylor has. Believe me when I say that this will come in time. Sean Taylor could be moved to LB in the pros where Sean Jones has the size and body frame that fits more to the safety position in the pros. Both of these players should be impact players for the teams that pick them and both can play either safety position. Sean Jones will be an impact safety for his team and if he makes it into the first round, it would not surprise me in the least. Sean (Rawhide) Jones, he's tough and moving up rawhide.

Drew Boylhart