Sean Locklear   OG   North Carolina St



Sean has very good balance. He has good technique and mental toughness. Sean is just learning the OG position and has a lot of upside to his game. He has done very well at the college level on athletic ability alone.


Needs to Improve

Sean must get bigger and stronger and continue to keep his quickness. He does very well technique wise in the passing game, but breaks down right now in the run game.


Bottom Line

I just feel that Sean will always be better in the passing game, than in the running game. I also think that he will do better in the WCO offensive line passing scheme than in a power running game scheme. He is an intelligent player that likes to keep his opponent off balance. This is not a knock on Sean -- this will be a knock on the team and scouts that draft him and do not realize this about him. Sean should be an excellent O-lineman in the NFL as long as the first part of his career is in the WCO. With a little experience and an increase in strength, he will be a good O-lineman in any scheme.


Drew Boylhart