Sean Taylor S Miami

Sean has great speed, strength and confidence. He is as big as most linebackers in this draft. He has the ability to cover as well as most cornerbacks in this draft. To go along with his speed and burst he has quickness to change direction. He has the ability to intimidate the other players on the field just through his own play. That is a weapon I have
not seen in a DB since the days of Ronnie Lott. He has leadership qualities and the ability to raise the level of play of his teammates.  His talent will limit the game plan of an opposing team before they hit the field. He is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and is more powerful then a locomotive.

Needs to Improve
Off field concerns would have to be at the top of the list, because there are really no on field concerns. He could maybe wrap up better when he tackles. I'm not going to blow smoke up anybodys you-know-what and start nitpicking at this guy. He needs to get along with his fellow man. There, how was that?

Bottom Line
Here is the deal. If you need an impact DB and you have the first pick in this draft, you are an idiot if you do not pick this kid.  Excuse me!  What part of idiot don't you understand? Don't start giving me that garbage about, "How can you pick a DB as the first pick in the draft?"  I am so sick and tired of hearing people say that. Do you realize how many
impact players where not picked as the first player in the draft because of this idiotic thought process? An impact player is an impact player.  Sean Taylor is an impact player. He will be able to free up a Linebacker for the rush because he is big enough to handle the TE by himself. He can play single deep coverage because he has the speed to go sideline to
sideline. He can be brought up to the line of scrimmage and used as an extra linebacker in run-downs. He hits like a coin dropped from the Empire State Building. The biggest problem that I see with Sean is if he gets injured, the coaches will have nobody on the team that can even come close to replacing him. The Head Coach will lock up with fear and worry, and the defense will become average at best. This kid is the Michael Vick of the defense. He is a beast, the beast of the east.

Drew Boylhart