Shaun Phillips   DE   Purdue

Shaun has very good athletic talent. At the college level, he has dominated. Shaun is smart and plays hard. He is a good teammate and loves to rush the passer. He has an excellent burst off the line.

Needs to Improve
Where do I start? Shaun at this level has more talent then his opponents and does EVERYTHING right now because he is more athletic. He is weak in the run game and is just learning techniques for the passing game. He has a long way to go. At this time, Shaun is an up-the-field, blow-by-your-man-on-the-outside pass rusher with a lot of stats to prove it.

Bottom Line
I hate doing profiles like this. I hate doing profiles on kids that play hard, but I think their game just does not translate from the college level to the pro level with the same amount of success. (See Philip Rivers’ profile.) Before we go any further, let me say this. I was wrong about Dwight Freeney and I could also be wrong about Shaun. Because I was wrong about Dwight, I would take Dwight's numbers in the first 10yds of his forty-yard dash and compare them to Shaun's. Then I would take the length of Dwight's arm span and see how they compared to Shaun's and on and on and on. You get the picture. If Shaun’s numbers were not near Dwight's, I would test Shaun out for linebacker skills. If Shaun did not want to be a LB and his DE numbers are not near Dwight's, I would rate him on my personal board as a 2nd day pick. Go back to any profile you want and you will see that Dwight was projected as a possible LB in the pros. Nobody except Bill Polian thought differently and I'm convinced even he drafted Dwight with the thought of using him more as a linebacker than a DE. I personally believe that Polian thought he found the next Cornelius Bennett. At this stage, I think Shaun has the potential to be a LB, but I don't think that Shaun wants to give up on being a DE in the NFL just yet. Compare the numbers and see what you have and if they are comparable, then draft him the 1st day. If not, draft him in the 2nd day. He does have excellent talent and I do not think that drafting him at any time will be a mistake. It just depends on what position is best and how long it takes to develop him. On second thought, just draft the kid if you want him, in whatever round you want him in. You see what I mean…I hate profiles like this.

Drew Boylhart