Shawn Andrews   OT†† Arkansas

Shawn is as big and as strong as they come in this world. When he locks onto his man he does not let go. He stays with his blocks and has a tremendous amount of pride in his play. He shows leadership qualities and smarts. He will be an asset to any team that picks him. You have got to love his mental toughness and his stamina. If you are going up against Shawn and you happen to beat him, I pity your ass on the next play. Shawn is very strong in the running game.

Needs to Improve
Well, you see itís like this. Right now, Shawn is decent in his pass blocking. At the next level he is in for a shock. He carries too much weight, does not show good feet and his lateral movement leaves a lot to be desired. Shawn lunges instead of moving his feet when he gets beat by an outside rush and does not have the athletic ability to recover when he makes a mistake. Shawn is not consistent with his techniques when he has to pass block. At the college level he gets by because he is so strong. The bigger problem is that Shawn is a mess when it comes to pass blocking. The other concern for Shawn is his weight. He is the only player that I have seen that seems to gain weight during the football season. How he does this is a mystery to me. You would think that with all the
games and practices that he would stay the same weight until after the season is over, but I swear he has gained since the first game of the year.

Bottom Line
I am always amazed that lineman that are this one dimensional are rated this high. If he shows in the combine that I am wrong about his feet and lateral movement, etc. then I say why doesnít this amazing athletic ability show in his play? You see scouts get excited when they see a guy like this with the attitude that he possesses and his pancake stats. They get so excited they overlook his negatives because they think they can coach his negatives away, or they think his negatives can be covered up. Well that type of thinking will lose you your job. Shawn will never be a good pass blocking tackle in the NFL. In fact, Shawn does not have the athletic ability for this position. He does have the athletic ability to be a Pro Bowl right guard. That should be where you, as a scout/coach/GM should be evaluating him. If you evaluate him for the guard position and draft him with this thought in mind, youíve got yourself one hell of a player. Shawn will never be good in the passing game. It is his make up as a human being that tells me this. He does not like the finesse of this part of the game, but he does have pride and will protect his QB as best as he can. Shawn just wants to knock the crap out of the guy across from him. He does not want to steer his blocking assignment away or up the field, He wants to knock the snot out of that guy. If you are a coach, you must feed that type of attitude. Donít try to make him into something he is not. At the guard position he can get help in the passing game and then help others in the running game. If you put him at guard, he will not let you down. If you put him at a tackle position, he will get angry and frustrated and have a lot of penalties. Shawn Andrews is a bear, FEED THE BEAR. Draft him and make him your Right Guard.

Drew Boylhart