Shawn Johnson†† DE†† Delaware



Shawn is a very smart player with good size and strength for his position. He is relentless in his pursuit, but his two best skills are his natural quickness off the ball and the use of his hands to shed and push off his opponent. He has very good balance and really commits to his responsibilities on each and every play. Shawn has very good change of direction skills and an excellent burst to the ball. This kid is a sleeper, but might not be a sleeper by the time we get to the draft.


Needs to Improve

The scouts are going to say the 1AA level of play is a negative. Iím going to tell you that Shawn will take no longer than any other DE in this draft to develop. It normally takes two to three years for any player picked after the 1st round to develop and I donít think it will take Shawn any longer than that because of his ability to commit to his personal goals.


Bottom Line

Shawn plays like a mongoose. In case some of you arenít sure of what a mongoose is, please let me explain. A mongoose- or the Indian mongoose to be exact- is renowned for killing cobras. Thatís right snakes- which it is capable of doing due to its very quick movements. Thatís how quick Shawn is off the line of scrimmage. He is quick, fast, uses his hands well, has good balance and plays with recklessness that you love to see in a DE. Shawn is smart and believe me, donít let the fact that he played at a division 1AA fool you. This kid will be a core player for the team that drafts him with the capabilities of making impact plays. The only problem that I see with drafting Shawn is that some species of mongoose are not allowed into Canada or the United States because of their destructiveness. I call him Shawn (Mongoose) Johnson because he is quick and will be destructive to his opponents every Sunday. (Thatís if he is allowed to play in the U.S.)


Drew Boylhart