Shawntae Spencer   CB   Pittsburgh



Shawntae has good size, speed and agility for his position. He has very good burst coming out of his back pedal and shows good instincts and reaction skills. Shawntae use his hands very well to keep the WR off his body. This kid loves to play CB. There is nothing about the position that bothers him. He likes the contact and the mental challenge of going up against good WR’s. He takes pride in his game, but is able to forget the bad plays and the mistakes. He has very good recovery speed and can turn and run and stay with any WR. He is a good tackler and comes up and meets the run at the line with courage and enthusiasm.


Needs to Improve

Shawntae has a bendable pipe cleaner type of build. This can be a problem at the next level because of the possibility of injuries. He must gain weight and get stronger. Right now, he is more of a drag-down tackler and in the NFL, the players will break his tackles if he doesn’t get stronger. Shawntae sometimes plays a little out of control and when he does, he loses technique.


Bottom Line

Shawntae just loves to play the CB. You can see it in his play on the field. He likes that his teammates depend on him. He likes that his coaches yell at him. He loves the fans, he loves the competition. Shawntae needs to work harder to be more consistent with his techniques. Right now, he is just better then everybody else and he has gotten into some bad habits that are not a problem at the college level, but in the NFL, they will eat him alive. Shawntae is very athletic for the CB position, but right now, he lacks the strength to stand up to the pounding that pipe cleaner body is going to take in the NFL. He is very underrated as far as the skills for his position, but I think he will help a team right away in a nickel/ dime package while he learns the mental consistency he needs to be a starting CB in the big leagues. Shawntae has the skills and ability to be a 1st round pick, but his lack of strength and mental consistency drops him to a late 2nd - early 3rd round status. Personally I would pick him no earlier than the 3rd round, but I can see someone picking him earlier based on a size/speed ratio.


Drew Boylhart