Sloan Thomas ††WRTexas



Sloan has good size, strength and speed for his position. He played in a big time program in a receiver set that included Roy Williams and BJ Johnson. He runs routes very well and does a good job catching the ball. Has played all three receiver positions and has been used as a jack-of-all-trades type of player. He has been the coachís emotional fallback guy.


Needs to Improve

Sloanís football growth has been stunted by his athletic abilities and mental capacity to change positions at the drop of a hat. He needs to find a receiver position and learn it.This is how he will become a productive receiver in the NFL. Right now, he is skinny and should have problems with releasing from the line of scrimmage. Needs better body control in and out of his breaks and he doesnít get his head around fast enough (why bother when the ballís not coming his way anyway?).There are just a bunch of techniques that can be taught to him if someone takes the time.


Bottom Line

Watching Sloan on film is like watching a pinball fly around one of those old pinball games before they invented computers. In one film, he is a wide out because Roy (Pink) Williams was hurt or had a cold or whatever. In another, he is in the slot or flipping with Johnson so that BJ could get loose to catch a pass. After watching this kid for a while, I realized what a team player he is and how much he is sacrificing his own personal game. I started to watch him more closely in everything even if it was just watching him take a swig of water. I felt like a stalker, but I had to find out about this kid because of the character that he showed in his play on the field. I looked for stats to help in analyzing him- fugetaboutit- so I waited for his pro day to see what he did in his drills. Here they are- 6í 1Ē- 200lbs, ran a 4.45 and a 4.52- his 3 cone was 6.94. The 3-cone drill helps me to understand if he can be quick in and out of his breaks. Most of the good cornerbacks do the cone in under 7.00, so it makes sense that WRís should be doing it in 7.00 or less. I think Sloan has the potential (because of what I see on the film) to be a better player in the NFL than he was in college. That is a gut instinct impression based on Ė well, to be honest, Iím not sure what itís based on. Thatís just what I think. Besides, heís got a neat name, too. What is a Sloan? Maybe itís a Texas song, you know- Sloan, Sloan on the Range. I think we got a sleeper here, ladies!



Drew Boylhart