Stacy Andrews   OT   Mississippi



Stacy is 6’6” 342lbs and ran a 5.07 at the combine with a 1.75 in his 10yd split. That, my friend, is very good size, strength and speed for your position. Stacy has athletic talent equal to Robert Gallery the LT for Iowa who is a top five pick in this draft. Stacy shows quick feet, excellent balance. Good flexibility to fire out and block linebackers in the running game. He also has good mental consistency and maturity. I consider Stacy to be a better prospect than his brother Shawn who is considered to be a top 15 pick in this draft.


Needs to Improve

Stacy has played in a total of five college games. That’s it…just five college games. In those five games, he graded out as one of the better O-linemen on the field.


Bottom Line

Stacy is considered one of the finest performers for the Mississippi Track team. He holds records in the weight throw, hammer throw and discus. Now anybody who knows these sports will understand the work ethic, balance, stamina, and amazing athletic ability needed for a person to compete at this level in a track meet. You have to practice, have great concentration and confidence and the ability to handle disappointment etc. These are all the mental abilities that you need to be successful in the NFL. Now, let’s break this down. A 6’6’ 342 lb human being that has unusual athletic abilities and talent, mental strength, is mature and is as fast and quick as the best O-lineman in the draft.  Where do you think you would pick him in this draft? Personally, I would pick this kid as early as the second round. I can’t imagine that he will last very far into the third round, but he is a definite 1st day pick and IMO, a better prospect than his brother. He is not a boom or bust player. He will just be a player. One Hell of a player.


Drew Boylhart