Stephen Peterman†† OG†† LSU



Stephen has good size and strength for a college level guard. He has been starting and playing for all four years and has been a core player and leader for his team. He has good football instincts.


Needs to Improve

Stephen must get a lot quicker out of his stance. He also lunges a lot and that means he doesnít move his feet very well. In the Senior Bowl game, Stephen had a very tough time with his one-on-one blocking responsibilities.


Bottom Line

This is another one of those profiles that I just didnít want to do because people are so high on Stephen. Yes, Stephen has done well at the college level, but he needs a lot of technique work and much better upper body strength to compete at the next level. I like my guards in college to be able to have the same athletic skills as a center. This gives me the ability to judge the playerís quickness out of his stance and lateral movement. In the pros you have to be so much quicker out of your stance, which is why you will see a lot of college centers moved to the guard position.In college as a center, they were quick enough, but in the pros as a center, they are not. They are quick enough for the guard position. Stephen, in his drills, shows about the same abilities as Chris Snee of Boston College. The big difference is that Chris plays with better balance. Stephen is lunging in both the passing game and the running game, so he will take some time to develop. The good thing is that he is not lunging and falling on the ground. If he uses the drill that I mention often -- going down the steps as fast as he can without holding on to anything -- he will develop the two skills that he needs to develop:a) balance; and b) moving your feet coordinated with your brain. Itís an old drill that has been forgotten because the new coaches see new machines for workouts and forget the old drills that showed so much improvement, but are boring. I think Stephen will be a good pick in the second day of the draft. If you pick him earlier, you are paying him too much money to develop and you will be tempted to put him on the field earlier than he should be.


Drew Boylhart