Steven Jackson††† RB   Oregon St.

Steven is a tall, strong, powerful running back with some solid running back skills. He has very good speed and does a good job of breaking tackles for extra yardage. He has good physical and mental toughness. He is a north-south runner with no dancing in the hole or trying to get around a tackler. He takes them straight on with speed and punishes the
player that has the guts to tackle him. For a tall RB, he has good lean and when he runs, he does bring his knees up a little to make it even easier for the tackler to want to bail out. Steven has a good attitude and work ethic. He is not a prima donna.

Needs to Improve
There are a lot of little negatives with Steven but because of his size and speed might not add up to a whole hell of a lot. He does not have good vision in the hole, does not move well laterally, does not have great hands and does not pick up his blocks very well. In Stevenís case all of this might not matter. The one issue that I have with Steven (and it could be the one that makes him, for all his talent, just an average back in the pros),  is his quickness to the line of scrimmage -- or the lack of it.

Bottom Line
I will be looking for Stevenís time in the first ten yards of his 40-yard times in the combines. I will compare this to times taken in other years for Ron Dayne, Tyrone Wheatley and the more successful Eddie George. You see where Iím coming from? Although Steven has excellent speed, I need to know if he can be caught in the backfield before he gets up a good head of steam. Steven does not have a great set of hands but
enough to get by. If he does not show quickness in his first three steps, then screen passes are out. That makes him a two-down back. If he cannot handle a toss sweep because he can be caught from behind, he will be strictly a north-south running back. If other teams know all of this, they stack the middle and I donít care how strong and fast you are, youíll be stopped for a one or two yard gain. Everything in my mind hinges
on the first ten yards that he runs. All that said, Steven should be the next Eddie George. Tennessee must think they are looking at a clone of Eddie when they see this kid. I think they are too. I think his positives are so strong that they far out weigh his negatives. I donít think that you can coach away his negatives, I just think that anytime
this kid gets his hands on the ball, it could be a home run. If you draft him, carry his bags from the airport.He could be your ticket to the Super Bowl.


Drew Boylhart