Stuart Schweigert   S   Purdue

Stuart is big, fast and strong. He is big enough to cover a TE one-on-one and fast enough to go sideline-to-sideline in a single safety cover scheme. He has good coverage ability, but he is strictly a safety. He can play either safety position. This is important because a lot of defenses interchange the safeties depending on down and distance. Stuart is an every down safety that is smart and has good instincts along with great speed.

Needs to Improve
Stuart is a very poor tackler. This is bad for a safety. This is the worst skill in which a safety can be weak. In fact, he is so bad at tackling, it hurts my head just to think of it.

Bottom Line
Stuart has got to be a better tackler. If he were, he would be a 1st rounder for sure. He just throws himself at the player diving through the air with his head down as the player comes close to him. I actually have him on freeze-frame doing this. He looks like a goose flying through the air. I call him Stuart (Quack Up) Schweigert. If Stuart does not improve his techniques in this area, he is destined for a hospital bed. Tackling someone in the open field takes guts. You have to want to knock the snot out of the player you set your sights on. If you have that attitude, the rest is easy.  Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive. Let’s say that all together…ready? Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive. Stuart has the attitude and also has the speed and size for the safety position that most players do not have. If Stuart were a good tackler, you would have to rate him close to Sean Taylor. He does not have the abilities to cover like Taylor, but he is close. I think Stuart is a 2nd rounder because of his lack of tackling techniques. If he learns to tackle, he is an impact player.  Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive.

Drew Boylhart