Tatum Bell   RB   Oklahoma St



Tatum is very fast and quick. He is quick to the hole and can turn the corner with ease. He has been the main man for his team in the offense, has produced and gotten better every year. Tatum does a good job catching the ball out of the backfield. He has the potential to be a core player for the team that drafts him. He has good vision in the hole and very good lateral movement.


Needs to Improve

At this time, Tatum runs a little high and is knocked off stride way too easy. He is a little bit of a long strider and that is what causes his lack of balance. Tatum needs to bend at the knees a little to set his balance and shorten his stride. Tatum also needs to learn patience and how to set up his blocks. He also must learn to pick up a blitzing LB in the passing game. Tatum will need to add some weight to his frame to take the pounding in the NFL.


Bottom Line

Right now Tatum outruns his O-linemen and doesn’t give them a chance to block for him. When he sweeps, he needs to take the hand off and step straight to the line of scrimmage then break to the outside. This will freeze the LB’s and allow his O-linemen to block for him. When he runs between the tackles, he needs to shorten his stride and set his balance. If he learns to do this, his cuts in the hole will be quicker and there will be less of a chance to arm tackle him. Tatum can be an every down back if a good running back coach gets with him and shows him these things. If not, Tatum could wind up as just a third down back. Tatum is fast, quick and his athleticism has brought him this far. Now he needs to learn how to become a running back -- not just a guy who knows how to run faster than everyone else. Tatum has the character to accomplish this and he has the talent. The question is will the team that picks him have the patience? I think Tatum has the potential to be an excellent RB in the NFL. He has the heart to go with the talent.


Drew Boylhart