Teddy Lehman LB Oklahoma

Ted is one of the fastest linebackers in this draft. He is a total team player. He is excellent in the passing game. He has good size for his position and he has leadership abilities. He is a good tackler in space.

Needs to Improve
He struggles a bit in the running game. Takes bad angles and runs himself out of the plays.

Bottom Line
Ted is playing out of position this year because of the injury to Lance Mitchell. Ted is a pure OLB. He is not a MLB. He is one of the best OLBs in the country. In spite of this, he moved to the inside even though he knew it might hurt his draft rating. He is a great tackler in space. I think Ted is a definite first rounder. He reminds me a lot of Nick Barnett who was a shock pick in the 1st round by the Packers. I do not believe that there is a better OLB in this draft. I know when he starts to work out for teams and they go back to the film of him as a junior, they will see what I see and rate this kid as a first rounder. He will impact the first year on special teams. In the Rod Davis profile, I made an error on my ratings of the LBs in this draft. I rated Ted as the second best LB in the draft. He is not. He is the third best on my board. Rod Davis, Donta Thomas, Ted Lehman, Karlos Dansby. (That is until I change my mind in another profile). Just kidding!

Drew Boylhart