Terry Johnson†† DT/DE†† Washington



There is nobody in this draft that is quicker off the ball, has the natural athletic abilities to rush the passer and understands and plays the game with ease at the college level in this draft. Terry has all the moves. Spin move, club move and swim move to be a great pass rusher. He re-directs with ease, he reads blocks with ease, he has excellent lateral movement and uses his hands very well. He is a sleeper in every sense of the word.


Needs to Improve

Ok Iíll give you one chance to tell me why he is not considered a 1st rd. draft choice. You got it right- he just doesnít play up to his potential.


Bottom Line

I will tell what I see in the films. Anything else would be second hand information. Terryís play on the field is not consistent. Looking at the film I canít tell you why, but because of that it will no doubt effect his draft status. I just know he has the natural ability to dominate at the DE position at the next level. He can do it all. Play the run and the pass. So what do you do? He is 1st rd. talent that falls to the second day unless you can figure out what his problem is. Thatís all I can say right now. He is a sleeper, Boom or Bust- Roll the dice baby!


Drew Boylhart