Thomas Tapeh†† FB†† Minnesota



Thomas has good size and decent speed for the position. He catches the ball out of the backfield very well. He has good feet and is fluid with his hips. Thomas is very good at blocking on sweep plays. He will be a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

Thomas has to make an impact on special teams because fullbacks in the NFL are losing value more and more each year.


Bottom Line

There are some good fullbacks in this draft, but Thomas has a few talents that make him a good bet to make a team -- and to make a team want to get him on the field. He has the ability to block in space and to catch the ball out of the backfield. One of the reasons for this is that he has good balance and good feet. Blocking in space is important in picking up the blitz on a third down passing play.Being a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield makes LBís hesitate on the blitz. A lot of fullbacks in this draft are good, but donít have the things that the scouts need in a fullback in the NFL. Blocking in space and catching the ball out of the backfield in a way that makes you a threat are the new key ingredients that the scouts are looking for in a fullback. Thomas has another ability that is fast becoming a lost art and that when he gets to a teamís spring camp, the offense coordinator is going to be very happy to see. He might be the best fullback that I have seen in a long time that can block on a sweep play. The true sweep with a fullback leading has been left out of many teamís arsenals because the fullbacks donít have the feet, balance and fluid hips to block in space. Teams are trying to use TEís, H-Backs and even crack-back WR blocks to make this play go. but it is too easy for a defense to see what the offense is doing when they try these different methods of blocking for the sweep. Thomas will give a team a lot of options in the red zone that other fullbacks cannot. I call him Thomas (The Sweeper) Tapeh. You call in the sweeper team to clean up the mess and thatís what Thomas will do on third downs.


Drew Boylhart