Tim Anderson   DT   Ohio St

Tim has good size and strength for his position. He is a 1gap-2gap DT. He has good lateral movement and strength in the running game and is very quick in the passing game. He is across the line and in the backfield more times than an old man with a prostate problem visits the bathroom.

Needs to Improve
Tim has to tie the scouts down to a chair and tell them to stop looking at Will Smith and Darion Scott. The real leader of the D-line is Tim (Tool Man) Anderson.

Bottom Line
Tim has all the tools of the trade. He has all the pass-rush moves and he stands strong at the point of attack. He is smart and is a leader. He is a slave to the game plan. The coaches will love this kid. In the 4th quarter, he will rise above the rest of his fellow players and make the big play. Tim is not flashy. He is just good. This draft has some very good DT's in it. Tim, in any other draft, would be a 1st rounder but in this draft, he
falls to the second round. Not flashy enough. Some team is going to get themselves one hell of a player- a core player, a team player, a professional. There is no reason for a scout to overlook a player the quality of Tim unless he got kicked in the head by a mule. Tim (Tool Man) Anderson brings all his tools when he goes to work.

Drew Boylhart