Tim Euhus ††TEOregon St



Tim has very good size and strength for his position. He has very good hands and is able to adjust when the ball is in the air. He has the toughness to catch the ball in traffic. Tim has some WR skills to go along with his TE skills. He is one of the better pass-catching TEís in this draft. Tim is a very smart route runner. He sits down in zone coverage well and knows when to cut his route off. He is able to read defenses along with his QB as the play is happening.


Need to Improve

Tim is not a very good blocker in the running game. He is more of a finesse blocker and will never be the type of TE that flattens another player in the running game. Tim will always give you great effort and does a good job blocking, but not an impactful job.


Bottom Line

Tim will be a great asset to the team that drafts him. You would like him to be quicker in and out of his breaks and to be faster off the line, but the truth of the matter is that Tim will be an excellent pass-catching TE. Tim has that QB intelligence that is so important to the TE position. Tight Endís like Tim are rare because this type of TE does not do well in practice and drills, but they do very well when the game starts. This kind of TE is always making the important catch at a crucial time in the game when a play has broken down. This type of TE never pulls a hamstring because he lacks the burst to run fast enough and yet, he will always be downfield at the sticks at the right time to make that all important first down. The strange thing is that it doesnít matter what the yardage is for that first down, he will make it in time and make the catch. In practice, it will take him too long to go 15 yds. In the game, he will be waiting for the ball. Tim ran a 4.80 to a 4.90 forty. Here is the catch; he had 13.7 yds per average stat. That does not make any sense at all. Most WRís donít have that type of average per catch. I call him Tim (Sticks) Euhus because he will always catch the ball at the 1st down sticks.


Drew Boylhart