Tommie Harris   DT   Oklahoma

This kid is special. He plays his position with linebacker-like skills. He uses his hands better than anyone I have seen at this level. He is quick into the backfield and disrupts the blocking of the offensive line all the time. The linebackers on his team love him because they get to clean up all the problems he creates. He is very athletic, very much like a
linebacker in the body of a Defensive Tackle. He plays in a big program and has shown ability to handle the pressure of winning and losing. He understands the value of playing for the team so that the team can win.

Needs to Improve
He gets manhandled at times in the running game. At this stage he is not strong enough to play tackle in the NFL. He does not have that big old bubble butt that I like to see in my Defensive Tackles. I do not feel that he will ever be able to hunker down against the run with any consistency. He is just a 1-gap DT.  This is not good. As a DT, he is rated way too
high because he is a tweener that will have trouble staying on the field for enough plays to make an impact. If he were rated as a second-rounder, I would say jump all over him but as a DT first rounder, I have questions.

Bottom Line
Are you confused? First I tell you he is something special and then I tell you he is not that good and never will be that good as a DT in the NFL. That is because I feel he will be the next great strong side Defensive End. I feel he is playing out of position. That's why he gets pushed around in the running game. I feel that he will be as good as Strahan and Peppers. He has the talent, speed, quickness and strength for a DE in the NFL. He might have to lose about ten pounds but I am told that at 290lbs he runs a 4.69 in the forty. That is faster then most of the linebackers and DE's in this draft. His hand use is excellent and his athleticism is equal to a linebackers. IMO, he will be special because he wants to be special. He is another player that is not motivated just by money. I think he will learn very quickly the DE position and will make an impact for a team in his first year. I do not think that he should be moved back and forth from DT to DE -- this would be a mistake. It will stunt his impact. Draft him, put him on the strong side and let him go. He might wind up being Rookie of the Year if a team is smart enough to do that. He is an every down lineman as a DE.  He is not an every down lineman as a DT. As you watch Tommie in the coming bowl game, say to yourself three times, “Tommie is a DE, not a DT.”  You will see Tommie flash.  Look at him carefully -- you will see he plays like a LB.

Drew Boylhart