Tommy Kelly   DE/DT   Mississippi St



Tommy has very good size for his position. He has very good lateral movement and has good athletic skills to play on the D-line in the NFL.


Needs to Improve

Tommy is a tweener that has a lot to learn about being a NFL player. He does not tackle with authority and has been known to take downs off.


Bottom Line

Tommy has enough talent to be a rotating D-lineman in the NFL, but I am not convinced that he really wants it bad enough. His work ethic to date is lacking and because he is a tweener that is not a very good thing to have lacking. He does not have the speed to be a DE and he doesn’t have enough weight or strength to be a DT. He also is lacking the skills at both positions. Tommy, at this time, does not offer anything special to the NFL except size. That might be enough in college, but it won’t fly in the NFL.


Drew Boylhart