Tony Bua   S   Arkansas



Tony is strong, quick and fast. He is a good tackler with excellent instincts. He is a leader and loves to hit and be hit. He is a coach’s dream come true. Tony will do everything he can to stop a play from being successful. His senior year, he moved from linebacker to the safety position which just shows how smart Tony is.


Needs to Improve

Tony is very good at the play when it is in front of him, but has to work on his passing game techniques. This will happen. Right now, he lacks change of direction skills. This will improve.


Bottom Line

Tony needs work in the passing game. SO WHAT?! Tony will develop in this area very quickly. He does not have the best hip flip technique. SO WHAT?! Let me tell you, Tony is the type of kid that good teams need to be successful in the NFL. He is a great leader, a great tackler and a great team player that has excellent football instincts. His first and most important priority is to win. So you want to talk about hip flip? I want to tell you to coach better. You want to talk about size?  I’ll tell you to coach better. The fans will love this kid. The coaches will love this kid and the marketing department will love this kid. Tony’s last name sounds like a U.S. Marine chant (BUA), but I call him Tony (SO WHAT?!) Bua.  He is first day talent that drops to the second day because he doesn’t do well with his hip/flip. Pick, pick, pick, pick, pick.  Draft him. You won’t be disappointed. He is a very underrated player.


Drew Boylhart